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Gauterius de Castello Rainardi

Gauterius is described once. He’s acknowledged with composing two descants for any “Regi perhennis glorie”. The piece was also organized monophonically a 4th higher and it is regarded as the same referent.

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Droardus Trecensis

Two two-part configurations from the “Your great term s Oh Lord” are related to Droardus. Apart from this reference there is nothing known of him.

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Airardus of Vezelay

Airardus of Vizelay (also called Viciliacensis) was probably a member of the Bendictine monastery and also require composed a conductus in two parts entitled “Annua gaudia.” Regrettably sources aren’t clear concerning whether he was a poet or musician. This insufficient clarity is definitely compounded when it’s considered that info concerning …

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