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Walther von der Vogelweide

Walther is known as to end up being the most well-known German poet of the center Ages in the best possible tradition from the Minnesinger. He constructed over a hundred and forty Spruch (poems) and many lieder and `ton’s. These functions had been sung on a variety of occasions perhaps …

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Gui d’Ussel

Along with his two brothers, Eble and Peire and their cousin Elias, Gui was a troubadour and seigneur in Ussel-sur-Sarzonne. Gui was the author of tracks while Elias constructed tensos and Eble “mula tensos”. Peire descanted every one of the compositions. Their music has been monophonic generally as there is …

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St. Godric

An British saint and hermit, in keeping with the actual fact that he led a lifestyle of asceticism for sixty years close to Durham. During this time period he had several visions, both aural and visible. The auditory visions included the resources of the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalen, St Peter, …

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