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Gace Brulé

Gace was a prolific author of chansons and other items for the People from france trouvere. He presumable understood Blondel de Nesle, Conon de Bethune aswell as Chastelain de Couci. Due to your body of his function, many trouveres, and a good German Minnesinger, imitated his functions; they were utilized …

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Little is well known approximately Peirol’s early lifestyle except that he was created in Peirol castle and was operating towards the Dauphin of Auvergne in Clermont until 1202. It isn’t very clear if he journeyed on the 3rd crusade but he do make an allusion to coming back from Jerusalem …

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Conon de Béthune

A People from france trouvere from Bethune whose chansons indicate that he readied himself for the 3rd crusade. Chastelain de Couci might have been an acquaintance of Conon which is fairly sure that Conon particiapted in the 4th crusade and even was present through the seige of Constantinople; he was …

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