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T Spigot, a duo comprising multi-instrumentalist Gilmore and turntablist Spunky, makes abstract hip-hop instrumentals for the chillout collection, with unique instrumentation put into banking institutions of funk and jazz examples. They authorized to Drinking water Music for 2003’s Tests within the Hypnotic Creation of Crime.

Quick Facts

Full Name T Spigot
Music Songs With Your Body, Trip to Booker, Pass the Ammo, In the Isolation Tank, One Player, Power Age, All Slaves, Dubnbud, It's A Crime, Life Is Easier for Cats, Car Thief, Random Acts of Kindness, Pass the Ammunition, Shadows And Light, Sanshou, Gated, Like That, Squelch, La La La, Hypnotic
Albums Experiments in the Hypnotic Production of Crime

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