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The urgent hardcore metal of Sworn In got its begin in the summertime of 2001. The British fivesome attempted for a genuine, smart method of the genre that shown their desperation and regret. Following a demo and some displays, Bridge Nine Information captured on and helped them discharge their eponymous debut Compact disc in 2002.

Quick Facts

Full Name Sworn In
Music Songs Snake Eyes, Dead Soul, A Song for the Nameless, Oliolioxinfree, ALL SMILES, I Don't Really Love You, MAKE IT HURT, Endless Gray, Lay With Me, DREAD ALL, HELLUPUTMETHRU, Sugar Lips, DON'T LOOK AT ME, Pocket Full Of Posies, MIRROR FEAR, Mindless, Scissors, Love Drunk, THE SMILING KNIFE, Sunshine, Hypocrisy, Bitter Blood, Pins And Needles, Three Cheers, Weeping Willow, CROSS MY HEART, Deadpan, Switchblades And Serenades, Sweetheart, Where Death Is The Cure, Pretty Girls Die Just The Same, Stories Hollywood Never Tells
Albums The Lovers/The Devil, The Death Card, Sworn In, All Smiles, Start/End, Catharsis

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