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Sweet Back

Lead from the jazzy sax participant from the dub music group Zenzile, Sweet Back again is a threesome performing what they contact “handmade drums, two times bass and sax.” Raggy and his co-workers Mehdi (drums) and Kham (dual bass) fulfilled in the town of Angers, France, where they made up their first recording Amok between January 1999 and January 2000. The recording was authorized on Soshin Seems, Kyu’s own information label. Out in 2000, the recording was strangely distributed in France by La Baleine, a company rather specific in digital music than in awesome groove. The vibrations from the trio appear to be Angelo Badalamenti’s, getting to mind pictures of smoky pubs, Cadillac vehicles in slow movement, and misty evenings. Although they convey this solid atmosphere of jazz, the dual bass airs are occasionally like the drum’n’bass design recalling melodies as heady as with Crimson Snapper’s masterpiece Reeled and Skinned.

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