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Sweet Baby Jesus

Combined with the likes of Crimpshrine, the Mr. T Encounter, Procedure Ivy, Brett’s Television, Stikky, and Soup, Lovely Baby Jesus continues to be considered as among the unique Berkley punk clothes during the middle-’80s. Using the band comprising Dallas (vocals), Matt (acoustic guitar/vocals), Richie (bass), and Sergie (drums) — who be eventually changed by Aaron Cometbus — the quartet would launch their first recording, It’s a woman, in 1989 on a significant label before corporate and business politics got truly in the way of its appropriate distribution. After splitting up a couple days after It’s a woman went of print, person members continued to join famous brands Pinhead Gunpowder, Samiam, the Wynona Riders, as well as the Bomb Bassets. Seven years later on, Lookout Information restored Lovely Baby Jesus’ tale by not merely reissuing the their singles, demos, and spread material for the 1996 compilation Compact disc Hello Once again — which can be a break up with Brett’s Television — but aswell as reprinting It’s A WOMAN that same yr.

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