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Sweathog was a San Francisco-based quartet whose audio was fairly much taken off the music normally connected with that town. They were a robust ensemble instrumentally, keyboardist/vocalist Lenny Lee (aka Lenny Lee Goldsmith), guitarist/vocalist Bob Jones, bassist/vocalist Dave Johnson, and drummer Frosty (aka Barry Smith, aka Bartholomew Smith) all best players within their field — Frosty got used Lee Michaels on his third and 4th albums, while Jones got performed on Harvey Mandel’s Cristo Redentor and Righteous in the past due ’60s, and Goldsmith was an ex-member from the Five Us citizens. They were pretty good as performers, either, with Goldsmith managing the prospects. Their music was a variety of Southern-style spirit, early-’70s funk, and blues, all covered around a virtuoso rock and roll audio. The group was authorized to Columbia Information during that label’s fixation on Western Coast functions, under Clive Davis’s program — these were always searching for another YOUR GOVERNMENT & the Keeping Organization, or something to replace that act on the roster. The group’s self-titled debut recording passed mostly with out a musical track, lacking any AM radio strike to drive product sales, though its cover picture of uncovered buttocks was censored in a variety of countries. In 1972, they appeared to strike paydirt making use of their solitary “Hallelujah,” a traveling little bit of explosive Southern-fried rock and roll & roll having a spirit edge which was a killer display for all players (specifically Frosty). It surely got to quantity 33 around the nationwide graphs, but that fairly modest overall performance doesn’t show how popular it had been on the air, where it got airplay nearer to that of a high 20 strike. The track got the recording (also entitled Hallelujah) into shops, at least, nonetheless it never bought from huge figures, despite a good promotion effort and lots of publicity for the music group, touring behind Dark Sabbath, among additional top functions of the time. They split up in 1973, and Goldsmith later on performed on Martha Reeves’ 1st post-Motown solo recording before becoming a member of Stoneground.

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