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Beyond Scandinavia the best-known Norwegian fiddler may possibly end up being Annbjorg Lien, but folk music purists will definitely prefer Sven Nyhus. Nyhus, alongside Hans Brimi represents an archetype in Scandinavia, the stern-looking fiddler playing dance music, occasionally accompanied just by his personal feet stomping out the defeat. Sven Nyhus (b. 1932) is definitely through the Østerdalen area of Norway. In this area the flatfele (“toned fiddle” or violin) predominates, but Nyhus occasionally takes on the Handanger fiddle, the distinctively Norwegian edition from the violin well-known elsewhere in the united states, a musical instrument rather just like the Baroque viola d’amore, with four extra strings vibrating sympathetically beneath the 1st set. Along with his great ear and excellent capability to transcribe music – no suggest feat due to the fact Norwegian folk music will not keep to regular Western shade intervals – Nyhus became among Scandinavia’s great archivists of folk music. He’s also among its well-known performers, playing for quite some time in a normal dance music group. Although he has already established only one Compact disc released in the U.S. (Traditional Norwegian Fiddle Music in 1991 on Shanachie), he has already established many others released in Scandinavia. Within the American recording, he plays single, but within the Scandinavian albums he generally plays within a quartet, quintet or sextet.

Quick Facts

Full Name Sven Nyhus
Music Songs Bergrosa, Fanitullen, Rindholen, Rundhaugjen, Storkaren, Skuldalsburi, Myllargutens Brurmarsj, Leken Hos Kokk-Sofia, Skinnfell-Leken, Bridal March From Engerdal, Mo-Innbar-Valsen, Stabbmarsj, Reinlender From Roros, Pols, Bryllupsreidlender, Hallingstugu, Afskjedsleken, Springvals, Folldalsleken, Nigvals From Roros, Leken Hinnes Kvaernengs-Kjerstna, Røragenvalsen, Jensens Galoppade, Hoppvals, Utformet Etter Peder Nyhus, Fandens polsdans, Rødøen, Pols, Utformet Etter Peder Nyhus, Storkaren, Pols, Utformet Etter Peder Nyhus, Pols Fra Aursunden, Utformet Etter Johannes Ingebrigstvold, Pols Fra Aursunden, Utformet Etter Peder Nyhus, Millom Abrahamsvolla Og Kørosvollom, Pols, Utformet Etter Peder Nyhus, B-Durvals Etter Jens Smed, Vals Etter Ka'l Fant, Utformet Etter Hilmar Aleksandersen, Kjostadleik Nr. 3, Pols, Utformet Etter Henrik Mølmann, Vals, Utformet Etter Peder Nyhus
Albums På dansefot med Sven Nyhus, Med hopp og hiv til Sven Nyhus Kvartett, Felklang Frå Rørosvidden, Sven Nyhus Kvintett, Hardanger Fiddle in Art Music, Bergrosa, Traditional Norwegian Fiddle Music, Svendsen: Octet For Strings, Op. 3 / String Quintet, Op. 5

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