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Sure Is Pure

Remix group probably most widely known for their use the Doobie Brothers, an unlikely teaming which found the soft rockers back the graphs after many years absence. Located in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, Britain, Sure Is certainly Pure are designed around lynchpin DJ Kelvin Andrews, plus they have also performed remixing tasks for INXS, Yothu Yindi (‘Treaty’) as well as other main league outfits. They will have recorded within their very own right, like the 1991 EP Proper Music for their very own imprint Gem. Exactly the same label would also end up being the very first home with their ‘Is certainly This Love Actually Real?’ one, featuring vocalist Aphrique, before it used in Union Town in 1992. Once again for Jewel they found and remixed Unique offering Kim Cooper’s ‘Danube Dance’. In 1994 Andrews produced an indie rock-band known as Camp Carnival, who documented a edition of Sure Is certainly Pure’s ‘Grind Area Blues’ (in the Out To Lunchtime EP), and agreed upon to Vinyl Alternative.

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