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Brand-new Orleans-based wrestling enthusiasts Suplecs (they’re named following a particular takedown trick) shaped in the middle-’90s and contain Durel Yates (guitars/vocals), Danny Nick (bass/vocals), and Andrew Preen (drums). Their calendar year 2000 debut Wrestlin’ With My GIRLFRIEND was released quickly before their record firm, Man’s Ruin, proceeded to go tummy up, but Suplecs continued undeterred, unleashing their second work, Sad Music… Better Times (made by former Ugly Child Joe member Dave Fortman), through Dark Reign/Devil Doll Information in 2002.

Quick Facts

Full Name Suplecs
Music Songs Dope Fu, White Devil, Tried to Build an Engine, Rock Bottom, Pissin' in the Wind, Cities of the Dead, Blue Runner, Fema Man, Gotta Pain, Lightning Lady, Black Cloud, Working Man, World's on Fire, Stepped On, Unexpected Trauma, Training Wheels, Unstable, Meatballs and Spaghetti, Four Legged Love Song, In Your Shadow, Stand Alone, End of Me, Out of Town, Control, Unexpected, Switchblade, 2000 Leagues, Fish on a Highway, Into the Rut, Road to Nowhere, 10 to Life, Coward
Albums Mad Oak Redoux, Sad Songs... Better Days, Wrestlin' With My Lady Friend, Powtin' on the Outside Pawty on the Inside

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