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Super XX Guy began in Sept 1995 in Pullman, Washington being a solo residential recording project. Equipped with just his classical guitar, a ukulele, a key pad, along with a four-track recorder, Super XX Guy would eventually to push out a group of demos that shown on the united states and folk that he was raised on. After relocating to Austin, Tx in 1996, Peek-A-Boo Information release his initial seven-inch in 1997 entitled Quantity III. After self-releasing his initial two amounts on Compact disc in 1999, Peek-A-Boo implemented with Super XX Man’s initial full-length album, Quantity IV, in 2000.

Quick Facts

Full Name Scott Garred
Music Songs Collecting Rocks, Cautious Like a Panther, There'll Be Diamonds, 5A Problem, And I Again, Little Leaf, Crazy People, Big Balloon, What Lies Beneath, Minor Plea, I can't figure out these bottle caps, Fern Song, Take All You Got, Up Up Up, Postcard Home, See You in the Evening, Hearts and Stars, Stroll on Through New Orleans, Garage Apartment, Stroll on Through N.O., Voice 65, Beaty Take Me Home, Downtown Chapel, Coulee City, Waiting for Your Return, Out for Kicks, September, November, Accounting Phobias, Out on the Tiles, It's Now, Hot August Nights, Lions Heads
Albums My Usual Way, Volume XI: A Better Place, Vol. IV, Volume IV, Volume III, Volume VI "Collecting Rocks", Little Tiny Things, X, Volume V, Vol. XII: There'll Be Diamonds, Home EP, Volume 2

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