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Stump Evans

This resident from the jazz city of Evansville may also be confused using the cornetist Doc Evans, real name Paul Wesley Evans. The Paul Evans who found the nickname of Stump Evans and it is credited thusly of all of his edges came along in regards to a decade sooner than Doc Evans, who also virtually let go the reed musical instruments after his senior high school music group days. Not Stump Evans, who brandished a complete selection of saxophones through his many music group jobs, even getting back in several licks for the justifiably obscure C-Melody saxophone. He was generally trained music by his dad, an alto horn participant called Clarence Evans. Boy started out on a single instrument, stretching out into trombone for a posture in the Lawrence SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Music group. Switching to alto saxophone not really too much into his professional profession, Evans shortly became referred to as among the better baritone sax players for the picture. He shifted to Chicago and gigged with a number of groups including Ruler Oliver’s First Creole Orchestra and Erskine Tate. He previously to give up the latter music group because of tuberculosis; while his nickname started in his petite size, in addition, it might have been coined in summary the truncated character of his profession.

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