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The Italian boy band Studio 3 formed in Milan in nov 2005, comprising the singers Salvatore “Gabriel” Valerio (born July 24, 1984), Marco Venturini (born January 24, 1981), and Andrea “Vetro” Vetralla (born Might 28, 1982). Their mixture of gorgeous faces, thoroughly crafted appear, easy melodies, and vocal harmonies instantly reached a broad audience composed generally of girls within their teenagers, who changed their singles “Single Te,” “Forse el Angelo,” and “Potrei” into smash strikes, leading the recording Forse el Angelo (2006) up to the very best 20 from the Italian graphs, where it remained for five weeks, while the music group was invited to execute in important Television shows like the Italian The surface of the Pops and Compact disc:Live. By the end of 2003 Studio room 3 documented the Spanish variations of “Single Te” and “Forse el Angelo,” and in January 2007 they performed in Miami in a particular concert for the Latin American general public. Lentamente, their second recording, released in June 2007, was another an enormous success, as had been the singles “Alice,” “Lentamente,” and “Voci Su Voci.”

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