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Stevens Sisters

Beth and Apr Stevens compose the united states duo the Stevens Sisters. They are performing collectively since their early child years, but produced music their profession throughout their early twenties. We were young inside a musical family members in Tennessee also allowed the Stevens Sisters to explore numerous genres aside from traditional nation. Their dad, Douglas, was a fiddle participant and encouraged girls to get devices. Beth Stevens was playing banjo by age group 12, while Apr perfected the mandolin. The fiddle, upright bass, and extra string instruments arrived later on, shaping the Stevens Sisters right into a matured couple of musicians within the Stevens Family members Music group. In 1996, the set released the crossover bluegrass recording Sisters on Rounder. 2 yrs later and clear of family members reign, the Stevens Sisters had been opening displays for Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, as well as the neo-traditionalist nation take action BR5-49. Their second recording, Over time, premiered in 2002. These times, the Stevens Sisters had been seasoned and clever, allowing Over time to defend myself against a sophisticated shade in comparison to their initial record.

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