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Steady B

Alongside Schoolly D and the new Prince (today better referred to as actor/rapper Will Smith), Stable B (delivered Warren McGlone) was among the initial wave of Philadelphia-area rappers to get notoriety. With an attractive blend of fight raps and freestyle lyrics, Steady’s design can be an accurate representation of post-Run-D.M.C./pre-Public Enemy era hip-hop. At his greatest, Steady blended well-written metaphors and wordplay with sparse however catchy drum paths. As was usually the case in 1980s rap though, Steady simply as much relied on gimmicky designs and corny yarns to complete his albums. After launching five albums with blended success, Stable shaped the hardcore group C.E.B. in order to update his design, and product sales. The C.E.B. record failed, and Stable faded into obscurity. It could have been greater for Regular if he’d basically continued to be unheard from, however in 1996, Regular and his outdated C.E.B. partner Great C had been convicted of the botched equipped robbery and murder. In order to avoid a feasible death sentence, Stable confessed towards the robbery and was sentenced alive without chance for parole.

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