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Brooklyn collective Superstars Like Fleas blend post-rock experimentation, chamber music affects, traditional American folk forms, and indie pop right into a sprawling, appealingly untidy mass that at several times recalls not merely contemporaries like Broken Public Scene, Akron/Family members, and Sigur Rós, but additionally previous experimentalists like Rachel’s, Chat Talk, single Robert Wyatt, as well as the Incredible String Music group. Though the primary of the group may be the duo of vocalist and lyricist Montgomery Knott and multi-instrumentalist and manufacturer Shannon Fields, Superstars Like Fleas range from over 30 individuals on-stage and in the studio room at any moment, as well as the liner records from the group’s third record identify ten long lasting associates. Knott, a video musician who possesses a gallery and cafe called Monkey City in Brooklyn’s hipster enclave of Williamsburg, acquired previously caused Austin-based ambient drone duo Superstars from the Cover, while Areas’ réamounté ranged from acoustic Americana to digital noise prior to the duo fulfilled in Brooklyn in 1998. Originally just a documenting project, building music one layer at the same time on digital documenting rigs within their particular flats, Knott and Areas self-released a demonstration known as Took the Ass for any Drive in 1999. (Extremely difficult to locate for a long time, the recording was reissued as an electronic download in 2006, obtainable from the most common online resources.) Four years later on, the more accessible Sun Lights Straight down on the Fence integrated more efforts from outside music artists, and Areas and Knott turned Celebrities Like Fleas right into a live music group with an ever-shifting solid of music artists. Released in 2007, The Ken Burns up Effect (jokingly called by Knott following a video editing technique the documentarian uses liberally, panning and zooming across aged photographs to generate visual desire for otherwise static photos) furthered the group’s collaborative character, adding fiddle and banjo participant Sam Amidon (who also provides shape note performing, a 19th hundred years American folk custom, towards the band’s vocal arsenal) and drummer Ryan Sawyer to all or any ten songs alongside an evergrowing solid of part-time users.

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