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Changing locations almost as quickly and effortlessly because they blend seems, the duo referred to as Stars as Eye offers moved from Rhode Island to Texas to NY, and during the period of 3 albums, offers incorporated electronica, Krautrock, hip-hop, electro, psychedelic, and pop to their own make of rock-inflected IDM. Primarily located in Providence, RI, Steve Ferrari and Craig Four Two (aka Stephen Olson and Craig Dempsey) started producing music in 1998, influenced by artists such as for example Planks of Canada and Aphex Twin aswell their like of rock and roll designs including emo and punk. In the meantime, Olson also caused the like-minded Child 606 like a co-producer on Down Using the Picture and GQ for the EQ. By 2001, Celebrities as Eye’ debut recording Freedom Rock premiered on Tigerbeat6 Information, and reflected not merely their mixture of rock and roll and electronica, but their mixture of older and organic tools with DSP synthesis and hard disk drive documenting. After touring to get the recording with labelmate Cex, Celebrities as Eye shifted to Austin and continuing to press the boundaries of the music. Their second recording, Foe of Fun, that was both densely digital and much more rock-oriented than their debut, found its way to 2002. 2003 noticed Superstars as Eye proceed to Brooklyn and tour with Silver Chains, Child 606, and Múm, who also made an appearance over the group’s remix EP, Loud New Shit.

Quick Facts

Full Name Stars as Eyes
Awards National Television Award for Most Popular Entertainment Programme, British Academy Television Craft Award for Best Make up and Hair Design
Music Songs Falling Picture, If I Could I Would Be You, OK Grades, I Thought You Said Something Else, Our Light, Black Achievement, Important Youth Movement, Golden Experience, Go Home, You're Drunk, La Methode Francaise, Executive Kickboxing, Le Punisher, Suspension Days, Secret Time, Five Star, Freedom Rock, The Head of a Dragon, The Fighting of Fights, People Kill People, Figure It Out, Vampires, Indelicate, What About Now, Everything Opened Up, Golden Experience Two, The French Method, Northern Waste, I'm So Bored With What the Teacher Is Teaching Us, Part 4, Tell Her I Don't Care, When Things Go Wrong, Rotten
Albums Enemy of Fun, Loud New Shit, Freedom Rock, $, Volume 9
Nominations British Comedy Award for the Best Comedy Entertainment Programme

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