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Austin-based trio Spray Paint deliver a discordant squall of no-wave guitars and stomping rhythms having a bitter, sardonic attitude. Their biting, jarring tunes are inspired from the bleakness and desolation encircling their habitat, homelessness, and human being neglect of the surroundings. Spray Paint developed from the loud Austin group When Dinosaurs Ruled the planet earth, who created in the middle-2000s and released a small number of recordings. Bandmembers Chris Stephenson, Cory Plump, and George Dishner made a decision to branch off right into a different group when their bandmates weren’t in a position to make it to apply. Spray Color weren’t quite as severe and blown-out as WDRTE, however they still experienced a confounding, angular audio which quickly obtained attention through the entire underground noise-rock picture. Spray Color debuted in 2012 with two 7″ singles on S-S Information, both which included hand-assembled, spray-painted sleeves. The group’s self-titled debut (also with spray-painted overcoats) appeared within the label in early 2013, and it quickly sold-out of two pressings, as the group toured around the united states and started to gain a pursuing. Second recording Rodeo Songs showed up later in the entire year. In 2014, Upset! the Rhythm released their 7″ EP Cussin’, and Austin label Monofonus Press released their third recording, Clean Bloodstream, Regular Acidity. The group toured Australia in 2015, and Aussie label Homeless released their full-length Punters on the Barge and a break up 7″ with Exek. Another full-length on Monofonus, Dopers, also made an appearance that 12 months. Goner Records released the prolific band’s 6th recording, Experience the Clamps, aswell as friend EP Bogans & Hoons, in 2016.

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