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Soul Caravan’s Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s acoustic guitar firmness evinces the slow burning up wisdom produced from many years of hard living and touring within the underground music community. Within the wake from the separation of his earlier outfit, Obsessed, credited in part to some soured major-label record offer, Wino discovered himself surviving in Southern California, burnt out and broke. Recognizing that drastic adjustments were certainly to be able — legend provides it — he found his only ownership, a Les Paul electric guitar, and boarded a Greyhound bus back again East to his hometown of Washington, D.C., to straighten out his lifestyle. Whether simply apocryphal or not really, the storyplot illustrates Wino’s hard-as-nails, powered towards the marrow modus operandi concerning the creation of music. Heart Caravan started in 1996, playing gigs within the Maryland region initially beneath the name Glimmer. Drummer Gary Isom and bass participant Dave Sherman curved out the lineup, both of whom Wino acquired known for quite some time. After some coaxing, Wino, who was simply deeply embroiled within the thankless job of reassembling both his personal and musical profession, became amenable to jamming previous Obsessed tunes simply for fun. Quite obviously, that blossomed right into a full-fledged music group. While Heart Caravan’s audio isn’t drastically not the same as these Obsessed, who welded the foot-stomping organic characteristics of Grand Funk Railroad with no-frills American root base punk just like the Dictators, even while watching Black Sabbath, Nature Caravan injected a wholesome dosage of cryptic psychedelia to the blend. In 1997, the music group documented its first vinyl fabric EP entitled Shed Sun Dance. Soon after, they were fulfilled with a stop and desist purchase from another clothing utilizing the moniker Glow and re-emerged after some brainstorming as Nature Caravan. In 1999, the trio released two recordings, the recording Jug Fulla Sunlight, as well as the CD-EP Dreamwheel, the previous on Fugazi member Joe Lally’s Tolotta Information. After intensive U.S. and Western touring, the music group documented and released its sophomore work, Elusive Truth, in 2001.

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