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Spirea X was a short-lived wish pop/sound pop action on the 4AD label, spearheaded by ex-Primal Scream member Jim Beattie. Another associates of the group had been Judith Boyle and Andrew Kerr. In 1991, the group released the Chlorine Wish and Speed Response singles, combined with the full-length Fireblade Skies. Merging sugary vocal melodies with alternately loud and blurry bursts of guitars and dance beats, the record was certainly through to the then-current sound from the U.K., nonetheless it didn’t make a lot of the feeling with customers and cynical tastemakers. Spirea X vanished with out a track, but Beattie and Boyle — alongside previous Spirea X supervisor Simon Dine — would afterwards form Travels in Stereo.

Quick Facts

Full Name Spirea X
Music Songs Chlorine Dream, Speed Reaction, Spirea Rising, Nothing Happened Yesterday, Confusion In My Soul, Signed D.C., Spirea 9, Sunset Dawn, Fire and Light, Jet Pilot, Re: Action, What Kind of Love, It Ain't Me Babe, Sisters and Brothers, Smile, Rollercoaster, Risk
Albums Fireblade Skies

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