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Spike Robinson was nearly the last main tenor stylist who played within the 4 Brothers’ cool-toned design popularized by Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, and Al Cohn. The extraordinary part is the fact that Robinson appeared to emerge completely shaped in 1981 when he had been previous 50. Originally he began on alto when he was 12 and, after getting in the armed forces, in 1950 Robinson used a few of England’s best bop musicians, documenting with them. Nevertheless, after he came back towards the U.S., Robinson got a qualification in anatomist and had per day work in Colorado for another 30 years, simply gigging on the part-time basis in regional night clubs on tenor. When he started playing music full-time in 1981, Robinson originally created a tiny feeling. Spike Robinson continuing swinging (frequently sounding near Stan Getz) and documented many excellent pieces for Breakthrough, Capri, Concord, and especially Hep. He passed on in fall 2001 at his house in Writtle in southern Britain at age 71.

Quick Facts

Full Name Spike Robinson
Died October 29, 2001, Writtle, United Kingdom
Music Songs Groovin' High, Blues Up And Down, You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me, Body And Soul, I've Got a Crush On You, Oh! Lady Be Good, A Foggy Day, That Ole Devil Called Love, The Jeep Is Jumpin', They Can't Take That Away From Me, Who Cares, Soon, Somebody Loves Me, I'll See You In My Dreams, I've Got Rhythm, Summertime, The Goof And I, How Long Has This Been Going On, Someone To Watch Over Me, Shine
Albums Live at the Bull – Tribute Vols. 1–2, The Gershwin Collection

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The Great Secret 1917 as Spike Robinson
A Grip of Gold 1916 Short Reddy
What Happened to Peggy 1916 Short
The Angel of Piety Flat 1916 Short
Packer Jim's Guardianship 1915 Short Indian Chief (as Spike Robinson)
Her Stepchildren 1915 Short Frank's Friend
Count Twenty 1915 Short
The Raven 1915 Joseph Reed (as Billy Robinson)
Arline's Chauffeur 1915 Short
The Sheriff's Story 1915 Short The Indian Chief
Destiny Decides 1915 Short The Half-Breed
Father's New Maid 1915 Short Mr. Grouch (as Billy Robinson)
The Deputy's Duty 1915 Short The Half-Breed
Rose o' the Shore 1915 Short The Roisterer
It Doesn't Pay 1915 Short The Bookkeeper
The Gang's New Member 1915 Short The Leader of the Gang
The House of Horror 1915 Short Crook
Two Stray Souls 1914 Short The Cellmate
The Fable of the People's Choice Who Answered the Call of Duty and Took Seltzer 1914 Short Political King Pin (as Billy Robinson)
The Power of the Press 1914 Short Policeman
The Motor Buccaneers 1914 Short Gilton (as William Robinson)
The Seventh Prelude 1914 Short Dr. Hamilton Hale (as William Robinson)
A Letter from Home 1914 Short Philip Bentley (as William Robinson)
The Primitive Man 1914 Short Valet (Prologue) / Tribesman (The Old Days)
Strongheart 1914 Short Team Assistant
Judith of Bethulia 1914 Bethulian Soldier
The Battle of Elderbush Gulch 1913 Short Among the Indians
Madonna of the Storm 1913 Short The Waiter
So Runs the Way 1913 Short The Butler
The Chieftain's Sons 1913 Short In Tribe (uncredited)
A Saturday Holiday 1913 Short Policeman
The Adopted Brother 1913 Short Outside Bar (uncredited)
The Work Habit 1913 Short
The Coming of Angelo 1913 Short
The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business 1913 Short In Bar / At Dance (uncredited)
Faust and the Lily 1913 Short Among Nobles (uncredited)
Her Mother's Oath 1913 Short Medicine Show Patron / In Church
The Mothering Heart 1913 Short Club Patron (uncredited)
Almost a Wild Man 1913 Short In Audience (uncredited)
Death's Marathon 1913 Short At Club (uncredited)
Jenks Becomes a Desperate Character 1913 Short In Club (uncredited)
His Mother's Son 1913 Short In Kitchen
The House of Darkness 1913 Short Asylum Guard (uncredited)
The Lady and the Mouse 1913 Short Creditor (uncredited)
A Misunderstood Boy 1913 Short Vigilante (uncredited)
The Perfidy of Mary 1913 Short Porter (uncredited)
Their One Good Suit 1913 Short 1st Policeman
Fate 1913 Short In Bar
The Unwelcome Guest 1913 Short At Auction (uncredited)
The Wrong Bottle 1913 Short In Road House (uncredited)
Love in an Apartment Hotel 1913 Short Second Hotel Detective
The Tender Hearted Boy 1913 Short Man on Street (uncredited)
Three Friends 1913 Short In Saloon (uncredited)
The God Within 1912 Short In Bar
The Massacre 1912 Short Among Indians
The Burglar's Dilemma 1912 Short Policeman
My Hero 1912 Short Indian / Man in Room
The New York Hat 1912 Short In Shop (uncredited)
Brutality 1912 Short At Theatre
The Informer 1912 Short Union Soldier
My Baby 1912 Short At Table
Gold and Glitter 1912 Short Lumberman (uncredited)
Heredity 1912 Short Indian
The Musketeers of Pig Alley 1912 Short Rival Gang Member (as Spike Robinson)
The Chief's Blanket 1912 Short An Indian
A Feud in the Kentucky Hills 1912 Short Second Clan Member
So Near, Yet So Far 1912 Short In Club
Friends 1912 Short Man in Saloon (uncredited)
Two Daughters of Eve 1912 Short Backstage
Love's Messenger 1912 Short The Delivery Man
Blind Love 1912 Short At the Social
A Pueblo Legend 1912 Short An Apache (uncredited)
A Change of Spirit 1912 Short Policeman (uncredited)
The Narrow Road 1912 Short A Prison Guard
Black Sheep 1912/I Short A Cowboy
The Would-Be Shriner 1912 Short Parade Bystander
Heaven Avenges 1912 Short A Servant
Man's Genesis 1912 Short Cave Man
Trying to Fool Uncle 1912 Short In Cafe
Lena and the Geese 1912 Short A Servant
A Temporary Truce 1912 Short An Indian / In Bar / Among Rescuers (uncredited)
Home Folks 1912 Short At Barn Dance
Tomboy Bessie 1912 Short Secondary Supporting Role
An Outcast Among Outcasts 1912 Short A Tramp
A Beast at Bay 1912 Short A Guard
His Lesson 1912 Short A Hired Hand
A Lodging for the Night 1912 Short The Bartender / A Deputy
The Wooing of Alice 1912 Short The Police Inspector (as Spike Robinson)
The Old Actor 1912 Short At Audition
The Lesser Evil 1912 Short In Smuggler Band
One Is Business, the Other Crime 1912 Short Brickyard Worker (uncredited)
Won by a Fish 1912 Short At Dinner
Help! Help! 1912 Short Burglar
Oh, Those Eyes 1912 Short An Admirer
Those Hicksville Boys 1912 Short At Party
The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch 1912 Short A Cowboy (uncredited)
The Girl and Her Trust 1912 Short Simple Suitor (uncredited)
A Spanish Dilemma 1912 Short At Party
Under Burning Skies 1912 Short On Street
Billy's Stratagem 1912 Short An Indian
The Transformation of Mike 1912 Short In Bar / At Dance
For His Son 1912 Short At Soda Fountain (uncredited)
The Old Bookkeeper 1912 Short A Policeman
The Baby and the Stork 1912 Short A Policeman
A Terrible Discovery 1911 Short A Thug
The Failure 1911 Short In Tavern
Why He Gave Up 1911 Short Cafe Employee / At Club
The Miser's Heart 1911 Short In Front of Clothing Store
The Battle 1911 Short A Union Soldier (uncredited)
The Long Road 1911 Short In Bar
Trailing the Counterfeiter 1911 Short In Front of Tonsorial Parlor
The Making of a Man 1911 Short At First Stage Door
Her Awakening 1911 Short Accident Witness
Swords and Hearts 1911 Short 2nd Bushwhacker
The Diving Girl 1911 Short A Bather
The Ruling Passion 1911 Short At Dock
The Last Drop of Water 1911 Short In Wagon Train
The Indian Brothers 1911 Short In Second Tribe
Bobby, the Coward 1911 Short On Street
Fighting Blood 1911 Short A Settler
The Primal Call 1911 Short At Club / On Ship
Enoch Arden: Part II 1911 Short Rescuer
The Crooked Road 1911 Short On Street
The Manicure Lady 1911 Short Second Customer
The New Dress 1911 Short At Wedding / At Market / At Cafe
A Knight of the Road 1911 Short A Rescuer
Madame Rex 1911 Short
Priscilla and the Umbrella 1911 Short Valet
The Spanish Gypsy 1911 Short Gypsy
Cured 1911 Short Man at Wall
The Lonedale Operator 1911 Short In Payroll Office (uncredited)
Teaching Dad to Like Her 1911 Short Outside Theatre
Was He a Coward? 1911 Short At Ranch
Conscience 1911 Short Policeman
The Lily of the Tenements 1911 Short The Butler
Fisher Folks 1911 Short At Wedding / At Fair
What Shall We Do with Our Old? 1911 Short In Shop (uncredited)
Heart Beats of Long Ago 1911 Short A Servant
Three Sisters 1911 Short At Dancing Academy
A Wreath of Orange Blossoms 1911 Short Mover
The Poor Sick Men 1911 Short Gambler
His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant 1911 Short Union Soldier (uncredited)
Help Wanted 1911 Short The Butler
The Italian Barber 1911 Short In Shop
The Two Paths 1911 Short Footman
His Wife's Sweethearts 1910 Short First Maid's Sweetheart
Winning Back His Love 1910 Short At Stage Door
The Recreation of an Heiress 1910 Short The Butler
White Roses 1910 Short Policeman
The Lesson 1910 Short In Second Bar / Bartender on Street
The Golden Supper 1910 Short Mourner (uncredited)
Happy Jack, a Hero 1910 Short A Servant
A Child's Stratagem 1910 Short Policeman
Effecting a Cure 1910 Short A Servant
A Plain Song 1910 Short On Street
His New Lid 1910 Short Man Who Finds Hat
The Fugitive 1910 Short Confederate Soldier
Waiter No. 5 1910 Short A Butler
The Proposal 1910 Short Man on Street
The Message of the Violin 1910 Short In Hallway / A Servant
That Chink at Golden Gulch 1910 Short Cowboy
The Iconoclast 1910 Short In Office
Rose o' Salem Town 1910 Short Indian / Captor
A Mohawk's Way 1910 Short Indian
Little Angels of Luck 1910 Short In President's Office
A Summer Idyll 1910 Short A Servant
Wilful Peggy 1910 Short Man at the wedding
The Sorrows of the Unfaithful 1910 Short On Shore
An Old Story with a New Ending 1910 Short Outside Store
The Usurer 1910 Short At Luncheon
A Salutary Lesson 1910 Short On Beach
As the Bells Rang Out! 1910 Short A Butler
A Flash of Light 1910 Short A Servant
Spike's Battle 1910 Short
The Bowery 1933 Pug (uncredited)
Madison Sq. Garden 1932 Writer W. C. Robinson
City Lights 1931 Man Who Throws Away Cigar (uncredited)
The Fear Fighter 1925 as Spike Robinson
Boston Blackie 1923 Shorty McNutt (as Spike Robinson)
Rob 'Em Good 1923 Short Fall Guy for Prince Johnny (as Spike Robinson)
The Foolish Age 1921 Todd (as Spike Robinson)
Daredevil Jack 1920 Gang Member (as Spike Robinson)
Thieves 1919 Spike Robinson
In Again, Out Again 1917/II The Trustee (as Spike Robinson)

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