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Speedball Baby can be an energetic four-piece of rockabilly-inspired NEW YORK artwork punk. The music group was created in 1995 and released two early EPs on Matador, generating them the eye of MCA information. Locating the major-label globe never to their preference, Speedball Baby came back towards the indie picture, liberating the I’m Gonna Stomp Mr. Harry Lee 10″. Uptight, their sophomore full-length, premiered in 2000.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Wanna Scratch It?, The Jack Martin Story, I'm Addictive, Pin Up Cowboy, Mekong Sue, Three Quarter Man, Asphalt Blues, Drug Owl, Blackish Man, Pocket Fulla Fish, Speedball Petite, Hanky-Joe Digger, Pimp Hand Strong, The Termite Speaks, Baretta's My Handle, Cash Cow, Rubber Connection, Crazy Date, Wobbly Organ, The Diddler, Five Dollar Priest, Suicide Girl, Black Cat Moan, Toss My Salad, Hate You Baby, Don't Turn Blue, Lakeside Story, Do the Blackout, TB Sheets, Blitzkrieg Bop, Bee in Flight, Skull Poppin', Skin Tastin', Love Wastin' Son of a Bitch

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