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Paragons of Goa trance, Ollie Intelligence and the area Tribe staff worked steadily within the Uk underground for quite some time, saving frequently and staging massive raves within the countryside before releasing debut record Sonic Mandala in late 1996. An American discharge appeared early the next season, trailed in 1998 by Ultraviolet Catastrophe. Space Tribe came back a year afterwards with 2000 O.D. and fall 2000 found the discharge of Religious Knowledge.

Quick Facts

Full Name Olli Wisdom
Profession Singer
Nationality British
Music Groups Specimen
Music Songs Mysteries of the World, Hack A Haka, Spiritual Experience, So Deep, Time Warp, The Acid Test, A Pinch of Psychedelic, Alien Sex Fiend, Peak Experience, Mind Is God, Tantra Mantra, The First Trip, Telepathic Contact, Real Simulation, Space Cadet, Cacophonix, The Ultraviolet Catastrophe, 3rd Eye, Just say Yes!!, Alkaloid Experiment, The Journey Is the Goal, Alien Attack, One Drop, Nuclear Fission Chips, Ultrasonic Heartbeat, Blast Off To Kicksville, Alternate Future, Magic Carpet Ride, Out There in the Universe, All Reality Is Virtual, Dance Like Nobody's Watching, All You Need Is Spirit and Nothing
Albums 2000 O.D, Religious Experience, The Future's Right Now, Sonic Mandala, The Ultraviolet Catastrophe, Collaborations, Thru the Looking Glass, Time Stretch, Shapeshifter, Electro Convulsive Therapy, Heart Beat, Batastrophe, Peak Experience, Kaleidescopic Vision, Continuum, Volume 1, Continuum, Volume 2, Space-Age Sonic Goodness, Psionic Circus, You Create Your Own Reality, Live and Let Live, Psionic Sounds, Utopia 2

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