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Southern Melody Boys

In the perspective of bluegrass music history, certainly the very best known group with this name may be the one which grew from the music relationship of two teenagers who played old-time music in the mid-’30s. Odus Maggard was created near Threat, KY, in 1915, and performed both electric guitar and banjo aswell as performing. Woodrow Roberts hailed from Glaymorgan, VA, where he was created in 1912. Done by a number of different fiddlers, the Southern Melody Guys documented for both Bluebird and Decca, the edges for the second option label originally released beneath the name of Odus and Woodrow. A number of the Bluebird edges were portion of a string released by Montgomery Wards, distributed through both their shops and catalogs. The group performed materials handed down using their parents such as for example “Wind the tiny Ball of Yarn” aswell as original tunes such as for example “Down in Baltimore” and “Back California,” compiled by Maggard, who fallen out of carrying out in the past due ’30s, buzzing the loss of life knell for the music group. He had not been overly keen on their gigs and their boozy honky-tonk atmosphere, and finished up storming out of the Harlan Region dance after a brawl broke out. Maggard became a barber but continuing to try out music whenever somebody wasn’t requiring a shave, time for recording through the folk revival from the ’70s. His previous partner Roberts visited function in the metal mills of Kentucky, after that found the fiddle, which he offers played on / off since. He also started playing guitar, but limited his playing mainly to church actions. Regrettably for musical archivists looking for some kind of sensible summary to their study, that is a music group name which has verified irrestible. Another well-known Southern Melody Kids which has practically nothing regarding the ’30s number may be the back-up music group for rockabilly performer Hayden Thompson, but that isn’t the end from it at all. A Texas golf swing music group with twin fiddlers was touting the same name in 1931, probably motivating the Michigan string music group who utilized the name half of a century later. However the group highlighted on the track in the highly-acclaimed Sing Out! CD-box established Rhythm from the Mountains may be the music group offering Maggard and Roberts.

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