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South Shore Concert Band

The South Shoreline Concert Music group, located in Massachusetts and led by Richard Whitmarsh, is really a concert band that focuses on circus band literature. Founded in 1947 because the Abington Legion Music group, it had been renamed the Rockland Concert Music group in 1970 at about enough time Whitmarsh overran the group from its creator. The “South Shoreline” name arrived later on, and in concert looks the group occasionally uses the name South Shoreline Circus Concert Band. They have used circuses but will not do so frequently; a few times annually the group shows up with ny Circus in NEW YORK, and on unique occasions have made an appearance with additional troupes like the Offers and Grey Circus as well as the Clyde Beatty Circus. On Richard Whitmarsh’s personal label, the South Shoreline Concert Music group has undertaken a thorough recording task of a lot of the main books for circus music group, each volume documented in the framework of particular forms of circus shows. This project started in 1972, and by the finish of 2006 the series is certainly projected to perform to an impressive 33 amounts of music. By June 2006 all 613 choices recorded with the South Shoreline Concert Music group were obtainable digitally; typically the most popular selection, and in addition, is certainly Julius Fucik’s Thunder and Blazes. The series is certainly highly respected for protecting the American circus music group custom, as circuses possess begun to go after a trend from traditional music group music and toward pre-recorded, modern pop music of the type that a lot of twenty first hundred years kids are aware of. They are never to end up being baffled with the South Shoreline Concert Music group of Staten Isle, NJ, a long-established community ensemble that has during the summertime months.

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