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East Oakland’s Souls of Mischief are users from the loose underground hip-hop consortium referred to as Hieroglyphics. The group includes four erudite but hardcore MCs — A-Plus, Phesto, Opio, and Tajai — whose way of thinking combines chaos, risk, as well as the avant-garde, all from an intellectual B-Boy perspective. Their 1993 debut recording, 93 ‘Til Infinity, created an early-’90s anthem of the same name and spawned a motion toward bohemian however durable hip-hop. The team drew evaluations to De La Spirit along with a Tribe Called Search for their abstract, whimsical design of storytelling. 2 yrs later on, Souls of Mischief shucked off their status for his or her second recording, No Man’s Property. While the team lost some followers who were buying “’95 Til,” they were able to maintain a loyal group of fans who well known their artistic advancement. Rather than adhere to the method that produced them favored by the faculty hip-hop arranged, they shattered their picture like the method De La Spirit had finished with their second recording, De La Spirit Is Deceased. Souls of Mischief consequently went impartial for 1999’s Concentrate, then came back quickly the next 12 months with Trilogy: Discord, Climax, Quality, another dark, trippy, and brooding exploration. Nine years exceeded before the release from the group’s 5th recording, Montezuma’s Revenge, which boasted twelve cuts made by Prince Paul. They linked to multi-instrumentalist, composer, and maker Adrian Younge to help make the conceptual THERE’S Only Right now, released on Younge’s Linear Labs label. The recording premiered in 2014.

Quick Facts

Full Name Souls of Mischief
Music Songs '93 Til Infinity, That’s When Ya Lost, Never No More, Step to My Girl, Make Your Mind Up, A Name I Call Myself, Let 'em Know, Cab Fare, Disseshowedo, Live and Let Live, Batting Practice, What a Way to Go Out, Anything Can Happen, Tell Me Who Profits, Tour Stories, Rock it Like That, Proper Aim, Soundscience, There Is Only Now, All You Got Is Your Word, Ya Don't Stop, Times Ain’t Fair, Shooting Stars, Bad Business, '94 Via Satellite, Airborne Rangers, Another Part of You, For Real Y’all, Fourmation, Dirty D’s Theme, Yeah it Was You, Mr. Freeman Skit
Albums 93 'til Infinity, There Is Only Now, No Man's Land, Focus, Montezuma's Revenge, Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution, There Is Only Now (Remix)

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