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The Sacramento, CA-based metal music group Soulmotor formed in 1996 in the ashes of hard rock favorites Tesla, reuniting the group’s bassist Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon. With vocalist Darin and drummer Darren Minter, the group started gigging locally, but following a couple of months Hannon exited, to become changed by ex-UFO guitarist Tommy McClendon. In 1997 Soulmotor released their debut record In Super Hi-Fi Audio, which was marketed online in addition to at live schedules; the exposure brought the group to the eye from the CMC International label, and after changing Minter with drummer Mike Vanderhule they released their self-titled sophomore LP within the originate of 1999.

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Music Songs Guardian Angel, Omega Son, Technicolor Dream, Down In Mexico, Wrong Place At The Right Time, By the Sound of Her Wings, Live Up to Life, Lizard Boots, Touch of Strange, Good Day to Die, Diary of Nobody, Long Live the New Machine, Radio Doomsday, Man Who Wears My Face, 5 Megatons Of Love, Scream, Baby, Scream, 18 Years in the Machine, Man Made God, Go for a Ride, Lotus Throne, Brand New You, Warlord Of 16th Street, Burn Down The Disco, Spunout, Get To Know Me, Right Between the Eyes, Staring at the Sun, Gods and Monsters, High Noon In Hell, Candy-0, Bones In The Rose Garden, Shut Down
Albums Revolution Wheel, Wrong Place at the Right Time, Soulmotor

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