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Soul, Inc.


An improbably — plus some would say unfortunately — named garage area band away from Louisville, KY, who hardly ever quite got discovered, even by enthusiasts for ’60s garage area rock, before 1980s and beyond. Eddie Humphries (saxophone), Tom Jolly (trumpet), Wayne Teen (electric guitar), Jimmy Orton (bass), and Marvin Maxwell (drums) composed the initial lineup in 1965, and Teen and Maxwell finished up in the next lineup, that is one that matters for garage area band aficionados. Frank Bugbee (electric guitar), Wayne McDonald (vocals), and Jim Negotiate (bass) firmed in the harder audio, sans sax and trumpet. The initial lineup left out a unitary in 1966 that appeared bent on contending with Bill Offer & the Rhondels, however the second lineup shortly began reducing music in even more of the psychedelic-punk vein over the Employer and Star brands, and one afterwards single, “I Participate in Nobody,” in fact got released on Laurie Information in 1968. Bugbee, Maxwell, and Negotiate later produced the psychedelic music group Elysian Areas, who documented on Imperial. THE APPARATUS Fab label released a Spirit Inc. Compact disc in 1999 and their two greatest songs, “60 Mls Great” and “MORE POWERFUL THAN Dirt,” made an appearance that same calendar year on Bacchus Archives’ initial two amounts of Fuzz, Flaykes, & Shakes on the Dionysus label.

Quick Facts

Full Name Soul Inc.
Music Songs I Belong to Nobody, You Better Get a Move On, Ode to a Girl, What Goes Up, Be Free, Unafraid, Been a Long Time, UFO, Some People
Albums Heart and Soul, Pt. 1 (EP)

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