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Son of Dave

Boy of Dave makes music that fuses days gone by and today’s, as a guy in an antique suit using a harmonica shouts, stomps, and howls the blues but runs on the sampler to loop human being beatbox-style tempo patterns that provide his nation blues-influenced music the gritty groove of modern funk and hip-hop. Child of Dave is really a one-man music group starring Benjamin Darvill, who experienced previously won a global following playing acoustic guitar and mandolin using the Canadian alternate pop music group Crash Check Dummies. When Crash Check Dummies briefly relocated from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to London, Britain, Darvill discovered himself in a fresh city with a while on his hands, and he started operating up a single project. Darvill experienced frequently performed harmonica with Crash Check Dummies and made a decision to explore his fascination with blues; buying way to produce a single vocal/harmonica performance even more interesting, he uncovered the Akai Headrush, an results pedal that managed to get an easy task to loop items of sound at that moment. Utilizing the Headrush, Darvill would create funk-influenced vocal patterns and utilize them as a support monitor as he sang and blew harp over them, with an amplified stomp panel put into help him maintain rhythm along with his foot. Taking on the stage name Boy of Dave (because his dad was called, you guessed it, Dave), Darvill created a pursuing for his frantic one-man displays, so when Crash Check Dummies’ head Brad Roberts announced the music group would get away from touring in 2006, Boy of Dave became Darvill’s primary project. After creating a homemade disk he marketed at shows, Boy of Dave released his first genuine record in 2006, basically entitled 02. A follow-up, which bore the name 03, made an appearance in 2008.

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