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Sol.illaquists of Sound

The theory for Sol.illaquists of Audio were only available in 2002, when MC Swamburger (Asaan Brooks) began having regular meetings and conversations in his Orlando, FL, house about not merely music but additionally community participation, spirituality, and veganism. A pal of his, maker and MPC participant DiViNCi (Glen Valencia), with whom he previously already recorded materials, attended these conferences, and there the thought of performing around city arose, a concept that was noticed soon thereafter. A regular attendee of the displays, Tonya Combs, arrived in on history vocals, and quickly a pal of Swamburger and DiViNCi’s, vocalist Alexandrah (Alexandra Sarton), remaining her house in Chicago to become listed on the music group. Struggling to satisfactorily categorize themselves, the Sol.illaquists created their very own genre, FAHEEM (funk/astro/hip-hop/extraterrestrially energized message), that they thought more accurately conveyed both their music and their greater values regarding spirituality, existence, and like. After going to a Sage Francis display during his Fuck Obvious Route tour, the group fulfilled up with the rapper, which resulted in an eventual invitation to tour with him. Sage’s label, Epitaph, was also impressed using the music group, and authorized the Sol.illaquists of Audio with their Anti imprint in early 2006. Their 1st album on the new home, AS THOUGH We Existed, arrived later that 12 months.

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