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This German black metal band’s early lineup contains Tom Angelripper (bass/vocals), Aggressor (guitar/vocals), and Chris “Witchhunter” Dudek (drums). These were seriously affected by thrash/acceleration metal rings like Motörhead, Venom, and Mercyful Destiny, discovering the darkest subject material feasible. Aggressor quit the group before its 1st full-length album premiered and was been successful subsequently by Grave Violator, Destructor, and Blackfire. Mortal Life-style, documented on a Western european tour, was the 1st ever dual live thrash recording. The group opened up for Sepultura on that band’s breakthrough Western tour, and Michael Hoffman became a member of the group when Blackfire remaining for Kreator. Code Crimson adopted in 1999 and Marooned was released in fall 2000. M-16 adopted in 2001, as well as the live One Night time in Bangkok in 2003. Sodom’s lineup continuing to improve with Angelripper staying as the lone founding member. non-etheless, they soldiered on and reentered the studio room in 2005, which led to 2006’s self-titled providing. In 2007, Sodom released Last Sign of Bad, a assortment of re-recordings of old music. A remastered edition of Agent Orange, a crucial showcase and top-seller among German thrash albums originally released in 1989, premiered this year 2010, alongside a fresh studio record, In Battle and Parts. The ensuing years noticed the band withstand multiple lineup adjustments, with founder/primary songwriter Angelripper steering the dispatch. Sodom released their 14th studio room record, Epitome of Torture, in 2013, accompanied by Decision Time in 2016.

Quick Facts

Full Name Sodom
Music Songs Napalm in the Morning, Remember the Fallen, City of God, Blasphemer, Bombenhagel, Nuclear Winter, Outbreak of Evil, Magic Dragon, Knarrenheinz, M-16, Tired and Red, Ausgebombt, Die stumme Ursel, Sodomy and Lust, Fuck the Police, I Am the War, Christ Passion, Marines, Among the Weirdcong, Witching Metal, In War and Pieces, Blood on Your Lips, Surfin' Bird, Lead Injection, Buried in the Justice Ground, Conjuration, The Vice of Killing, In Retribution, Burst Command Til War, Exhibition Bout, The Saw Is the Law, Aber bitte mit Sahne
Albums Agent Orange, Decision Day, Persecution Mania, Obsessed by Cruelty, M-16, Code Red, The Final Sign of Evil, Tapping the Vein, Mortal Way of Live, Better Off Dead, In War and Pieces, Epitome of Torture, Sodom, One Night in Bangkok, Get What You Deserve, The Big Teutonic 4, Masquerade in Blood, Marooned Live, 'Til Death Do Us Unite, Victims of Death, Lords of Depravity Part I, In the Sign of Evil, The Saw Is the Law, Sacred Warpath, Expurse of Sodomy, Ten Black Years, Days of Retribution, Aber bitte mit Sahne, Sodomania, Witching Metal, 30 Years Sodomized: 1982-2012, In the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty, The Big Teutonic 4 - Part II, 'Til Death Do Us Unite - Remastered 2006

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