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Appearing out of the Atlanta hip-hop scene that also contains OutKast, Goodie Mob, and producers Arranged Noize, Society of Soul comprises singers Espraronza and Sleepy Brown (whose pops was an associate of Brick), plus Big Rube, producer Rico Wade, and Ray Murray. Highly inspired by ’70s funk, the group also combines components of rap and gospel, the last mentioned thanks to Espraronza. The group’s 1995 debut, Brainchild, was partly documented at Curtis Mayfield’s CurTom studios.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Peaches n' Erb, Right Tonight, Pushin', Ghetto Fuh Life, Blac Mermaid, It Only Gets Better, Migratenation, Sonja Marie, No Hard Feelings, Brainchild, E.M.B.R.A.C.E., Changes, Wind, Interlude, Judas, Genesis
Albums Brainchild

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