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Social Climbers

Cultural Climbers was mixed up in downtown NEW YORK zero wave scene along with DNA, Adolescent Jesus, as well as the Contortions, however they were even now among the lesser-known art rock bands from the ‘80s. Vocalist/guitarist Tag Bingham relocated from Bloomington, Indiana to Manhattan in the middle-’70s and began playing guitar in a variety of ensembles with Glenn Branca (who later type Theoretical Ladies). Bingham fulfilled bassist Jean Seton Shaw, and organist Don Connette (A. Leroy) plus they shaped a trio known as Interpersonal Climbers in 1979. The music they produced was agitated post-punk with areas of disco funk, kept together by strange lyrics and mechanised rhythms crafted from a backbeat from a Korg drum machine. Their profession was short-lived, and by 1982 the users of Sociable Climbers proceeded to go their separate methods. In 2011, Pull Town reissued their only recording, a self-titled record originally obtainable as three 7” singles, on Compact disc with two reward tracks.

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