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Snatch & The Poontangs

Snatch as well as the Poontangs were actually the music group of the fantastic R&B bandleader Johnny Otis. In 1969, under a nom de plume that assured the record’s publicity would be limited by the underground, they lower an archive with sexually explicit and X-rated vocabulary that was ahead actually by the specifications of rap music. For the reason that sense, maybe it’s regarded as a little-discovered antecedent of rap, although traditions of speaking trash and performing the dozens got long been founded within the African-American community actually in 1969. The music, nevertheless, was regular blues-soul-funk-rock, like the noises Otis and his group had been documenting for the above-ground marketplace in the past due 1960s. The recording was reissued in 2002 on the single-disc Compact disc that also included the Johnny Otis Show’s 1969 recording Cold Shot.

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