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Through the nine years that Andrea Beltramo-Shay spent as Snap-Her lead singer/bassist, she was often in comparison to former-Runaway-turned-solo-star Joan Jett. And, to be certain, a couple of components of Jett’s vocal design in Beltramo-Shay’s performing. But while Jett is actually a punk-influenced hard rocker, the Los Angeles-based Snap-Her supplied forceful, snarling, totally in-your-face punk and punk-pop with an old-school view — old college as in intensely influenced with the traditional American and United kingdom punk rings of the past due ’70s and early ’80s. A number of the trio’s function is pop-influenced, however, not within a slick, polished method — and definitely not in the manner that emo rings like Blink-182, Fenix TX, as well as the Sloppy Meateaters are pop-influenced. For Snap-Her, punk-pop meant owing an creative debt towards the Ramones, the Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex, as well as other great rings who were energetic during punk’s early years. Nevertheless, Snap-Her wasn’t around in the past due ’70s or early ’80s; Beltramo-Shay produced Snap-Her in 1993. And by that point, she acquired a resumé that included playing bass using the Creamers (another L.A.-structured punk combo) as well as the De Rita Sisters. Beltramo-Shay also takes on guitar and it has supported vocalist Nina Hagen on that device. Throughout their nine-year operate, Snap-Her had a lot more than their talk about of lineup adjustments. Sometimes, Snap-Her got an all-female lineup; ex-members consist of bassist Lisa Pifer and drummer Sue Owens (among numerous others). However in the first 2000s, Beltramo-Shay was became a member of by two men: guitarist Vince Buckley and drummer Tom Curry (previously from the ’80s music group Kommunity FK). Whomever was onboard, Snap-Her shown Beltramo-Shay’s creative eyesight — which vision often included explicit, over-the-top lyrics and the type of shock worth that Fear’s Lee Ving thrived on in the first ’80s. Beltramo-Shay was under no circumstances afraid to become politically incorrect, as well as the trio’s music titles consist of “Fuck Earth Day time,” “Blue Balls,” “I Hate Xmas,” “Penile Implant,” “Conformist Cunt,” and “I HAD BEEN a Teenage Lipstick Lesbian.” Sometimes, Snap-Her’s humorous materials reflected Beltramo-Shay’s fascination with bondage and S&M — Beltramo-Shay, a dominatrix and fetish model, offers written short tales for different S&M/B&D mags (including Whips & Stores and Great Fetish). Snap-Her’s full-length albums consist of 1995’s It Smells, It Melts away, It Stings and 1997’s Queen Bitch of Rock and roll & Roll, that was made by Nicky Garratt of U.K. Subs popularity; both of these albums had been released by New Crimson Archives. In 2001, many Snap-Her songs had been offered within the break up CD Department 1, which also includes several tunes from the music group Left Only and arrived using one Shot Information. In Apr 2002, Beltramo-Shay announced that Snap-Her was splitting up in order that she could devote additional time to her nonmusical interests, such as composing books (both fiction and nonfiction), studying international dialects, and tattooing. In early 2003, Beltramo-Shay was asked if she prepared to record any single albums or assemble a fresh Snap-Her lineup sooner or later; she replied, “No. After 18 many years of playing in rings, I have managed to move on to another chapter of my entire life.”

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