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b. Norman Suppria, 19 March 1961, Kingston, Jamaica, Western Indies. Suppria was among 16 siblings elevated by his mom within the ghetto of Arnett Landscapes, an area recorded within the Wailers strike ‘Cement Jungle’. He started chanting on the neighborhood sound systems carrying out as Dickie Position and by the first 80s relocated to NY where he pursued a profession like a rapper. By 1992 he came back to Jamaica, although as Dickie Position he was thought to be becoming ‘past it’. Influenced from the Hannah Barbara toon series Yogi Carry he thought we would mimic the type Snagga Puss and used the name. In 1992 he was presented with the opportunity to execute at a kids’s display where he wowed his viewers along with his impersonation of the type over current rhythms. The method worked well and Patrick Roberts of Surprising Vibes got the DJ in to the studio to execute ‘Can’t Make’, ‘Ex-Lover’ and ‘Merle’. By 1993 Snagga Puss was enrolled to execute alongside Freddie McGregor for an up to date version from the Justin Hinds’ strike ‘Carry Proceed Bring Arrive’. The monitor was made by Gussie Clarke and topped the reggae graphs all over the world. The achievement resulted in another mixture; ‘Provide It Up’ performed alongside Junior Tucker and an marketing contract promoting dairy food. The DJ released his standard debut, Whap Dem Merlene, focused on the Jamaican athlete Merlene Ottey and he influenced a fresh dance craze using the sublime ‘Tatie’. Well known strikes from 1995 included, ‘Women Roll Contact’, ‘Like Bug’ as well as the intro of a fresh toon design with ‘Woody Woodpecker’, previously included in Dillinger. Snagga Puss taken care of his profile to the millennium touring with Surprising Vibes, released the Urkle dance (a mention of a character in america sitcom Family Issues) and started mimicking another childrens favourite, Popeye.

Quick Facts

Full Name Snagga Puss
Music Songs Tatie, One Man Alone, Nuh All and Pull, Girls Roll Call, Racial Violence, Reggae Funky, Girl Is Mine, Girl a Run Me Down, Material World, Woman Fi Look Good, Medley: Gal Can't Cook / Ex Lover, Gal Wah Test You, Erkle, House Color, Ex Lover, Rock Them Snagga, Gal Can't Cook, Sexy Body, Gal Can't Cook / Ex Lover, Physical, Girls, Look Good
Albums Reggae Funky

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