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Sly Fox had only 1 hit, nonetheless it was a significant solitary. In 1986, the duo’s “Let’s Proceed Completely” reached quantity seven for the Billboard Popular 100 having a thumping drum audio and funky bass. It could have appeared like a lone jewel from an private band of now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t beginners, nonetheless it was in fact the task of Parliament-Funkadelic veteran and program musician Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, alongside vocalist Michael Camacho. The duo’s debut LP, also entitled Let’s Go Completely, was critically panned, and even though it visited number 31 for the Billboard 200, it had been drenched in filler — light-weight funk and superficial pop/rock and roll that remaining no enduring impression. Without the similarly effective follow-up singles, they quickly became a member of the set of one-hit miracles. Cooper continuing with a variety of P-Funk and single projects, in addition to additional session use famous brands Jack port Bruce, the Dark Crowes, Tony Allen, and Digital Underground. Camacho proceeded to go behind the moments and may be noticed on a small number of exactly the same recordings, in addition to on albums by Don Johnson and Bernie Worrell. Camacho worked well as an acting professional and released a vocal recording, Simply for You, in 2007.

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