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The Slingbacks happened when Shireen Liane (guitar/vocals), a veteran of several rings in California and Arizona, was prompted with a reading from the I-Ching to visit Britain, where she met Mandi Leckie (bass) and Gavin Skinner (drums), most of whom were united with a love of punk and power pop artists like the Buzzcocks, Big Celebrity and Cheap Trick. At that time how the trio, originally referred to as Ms.45, was building itself known, a definite transatlantic separate was developing between your noisy, 70s rock leanings folks bands as well as the more poppy, 60s-tinged sounds of Britpop. Although unashamedly derivative, the Slingbacks’ audio were able to marry both traditions, betraying tips from the world-weary toughness that characterised another UK/US synthesis, the Pretenders. Despite some nifty hooks, riffs and harmonies, as well as the creation abilities of sometime R.E.M. twiddler Mitch Easter, the music group’s solitary recording did not get yourself a especially rousing reception from the united kingdom critics – maybe proving that becoming derivative is Alright, offered you rip from the ‘correct’ sounds.

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