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Skinny Pimp


Rapper Skinny Pimp issued Predicated on a True Tale on Lil One Information in 2003.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Profession Rapper
Nationality American
Music Songs King of da Playaz Ball, Midnight Hoes, One Life 2 Live, Nobody Crosses Me, Looking for da Chewin, Y'all Ain't No Killaz, Montana Stacks, Don't Test Me, All About Them Prophets, North Memphis, We da Crunkest, 2000 Rapdope Game, Pimpin' and Hoin', Let's Start a Riot, Shake Junt, Mack of the Year, Tha Classic, They Gotta Pay Me, Run Up, Get Done Up, Da Product, Drop It Off, Get Yo Bankroll, Shake Ya Money Maker, Skinny But Dangerous, Kickin It with Skinny Pimp, Talk Yo Ass Off, Die or Kill, Stick Up Man, Skinny Tales, Stick It Baby, Do It, 1,2,3 /After Nine, Give Me Sum
Albums King of da Playaz Ball, Back To Tha Playaz Ball, Pimpin' and Hustlin', Still Pimpin' And Hustlin', Mayor & The Pimp, Straight From tha Projects, 2000 Rap Dope Game, Da Syndicate, Tha Gimisum Army: War, The New Beginning, 2000 Rapdope Game, Tha Classic, Da Product, Vol. 1, The Mayor and the Pimp 2, Kingpin Skinny Pimp Presents Da Syndicate, Sumthin' for Tha Streetz, Code 999 Chopped, Screwed and Mixed, Skinny But Dangerous, Greatest Hits & Remixes, Street Mix: Volume 2, Da Product, Street Mix Volume 1, Montana Stacks
Movies Rap Hard

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