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Belgian guitarist, bassist, and mixing/understanding whiz Pierre Vervloesem wished to keep things easy with this electrical avant jazz-rock quartet — hence the band moniker, Basic, is normally a one-word manifesto of sorts — but sometimes the best-laid plans could be at least momentarily sidetracked by circumstances. Regarding Simple, Vervloesem decided three bandmates who be ideally suitable for his group’s purpose, as he provides defined it, “…to become on stage with my close friends and execute my debilitating music simply because seriously as it can be.” The first choice made a decision to forgo electric guitar and only cranking out a forceful low end on electrical bass, became a member of by saxophonist Bruno Vansina, like Vervloesem an associate of Peter Vermeersch’s avant big music group Flat Earth Culture and also head of his very own Bruno Vansina Quartet and Vansina Orchestra (and an associate of Vervloesem’s “regular group plus four saxophones” Caca aswell); drummer Didier Fontaine, an ex-member of AN ORGANIZATION and longtime Vervloesem collaborator, noticed on such albums as Fiasco (1996, Carbon 7) and Chef-d’Oeuvre (1999, Viakra) aswell as P.V. Presents discs SSSHHHTTTT with the Claude Zac Outfit and Grotesque by Codswallop (both 2010, Off); and keyboardist Joris Caluwaerts, a Codswallop member whom Vervloesem initial met through the saving of Akattemets (2008, Petrol) by vocalist/songwriter Wannes Cappelle’s Flemish indie clothing Het Zesde Metaal (the 6th Metal). For the previously referenced annoying complication cluttering in the band’s route (perhaps only a “First Globe problem,” actually), it came when Vervloesem constructed Basic in the studio room to record compositions he previously penned for the group’s debut recording as well as the foursome got occupied placing the music to tape…or rather, this getting the 21st hundred years, to digital data files. Roughly they thought. Since it occurred, something proceeded to go terribly amiss amidst the parts and bytes, and (tones of Miriodor’s “Manguer de Experts” on 2001’s Mekano), the data files were simply removed. No quantity of advanced data retrieval techniques could remedy the problem, as well as the crestfallen quartet was still left with only 1 choice: record the record yet again. Caluwaerts provided up his very own Finster studio for this function, as well as the group provided it another shot, documenting such punchy, tuneful however skewed Vervloesem quantities as “Belgian Triumphalism,” “Local Daredevil,” and “Among These Doris Time” with Caluwaerts in the engineer’s seat. This time around, the results had been saved, blended by Vervloesem back again at his Studio room Fiasco, and released as the properly entitled Undeletable in June 2014 as the 8th record in the Off label’s P.V. Presents series. Issue surmounted — and who understands, maybe they also played with better focus during program number 2 (regardless, a really energized record was the effect).

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