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Steeleye Span’s Maddy Prior and folk diva June Tabor teamed up in 1976 for the very first Silly Sisters record. It was greater than a 10 years before they implemented it up with another, but both recordings include a beautiful melding of Prior’s very clear, brassy soprano with Tabor’s darker shades.

Quick Facts

Full Name Silly Sisters
Music Songs My Husband's Got No Courage in Him, The Grey Funnel Line, Doffin' Mistress, Lass of Loch Royal, Singing the Travels, The Game of Cards, Silver Whistle, Fine Horseman, Almost Every Circumstance, Dame Durdan, Geordie, What Will We Do, The Barring of the Door, The Old Miner, Burning of Auchidoon, Agincourt Carol / La Route au Beziers, How Shall I Your True Love Know?, Hedger and Ditcher, The Seven Wonders, Blood & Gold / Mohacs, Cakes and Ale, The Seven Joys of Mary, Four Loom Weaver, Somewhere Along the Road, Rosie Anderson, Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron, Reynardine, Buried in Killenny
Albums No More to the Dance, Silly Sisters

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