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Display Business Giants certainly are a quirky, humor-laden indie Western Canadian rock-band having a rotating lineup centered around guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter Tom Holliston, with most typical collaborators Scott Henderson (Hissanol) and Ford Pier (D.O.A., Jr. Eliminated Wild). Contributions also have result from such additional well-known Traditional western Canadian music artists as Craig Vishek (Pigment Automobile), Keith Rose (Hard Rock and roll Miners, Royal Grand Prix), Carolyn Tag, and brothers John and Rob Wright (the Hanson Brothers, Nomeansno). Display Business Giants recordings typically screen dynamic top-notch musicianship, bursting with musical in-jokes and obscure pop tradition references, covering an array of styles, from doo wop and faux folk to rock and punk. Press info, biographies, and photos are usually wildly inaccurate and funny, reflecting Holliston’s songwriting bent toward the silly, surreal, and trivial. While of the novelty nature, lots of the tunes have got such intellectual depth and high-quality playing a minimal cult following continues to be developed around his recordings. Holliston released the debut Present Business Giants recordings Yellow metal Like in 1989 as well as the Benevolent Horn in 1990 as cassette-only produces. His 1991 discharge I Thought IT HAD BEEN a Fig included contributor Andy Kerr, after that guitarist for Nomeansno, getting his function to the eye of that music group, who consequently released Probably It’s Simply Me on the independent Wrong Information label. When Kerr remaining Nomeansno in 1993, Holliston was recruited to become listed on that music group, which he offers continued to be with since (Holliston can be “Tommy Hanson” within the Nomeansno part task the Hanson Brothers). In 1995 Necessary Noise Information, a short-lived Virgin Information subsidiary, released the recording Let’s Possess a Talk to the Deceased and advertised “I’ve Got a Crush on Wendy Mesley,” a funny ballad about an iconic woman CBC tv newscaster, for Canadian radio airplay. Following releases MAYBE THERE IS Corn (1997) and Self-Aggrandizement Helps to keep Us Heading… (2000) had been released individually in Canada and European countries. The band offers sporadically toured when users can coordinate their schedules, playing in European countries in 1997 and 2000, the U.S.A. at intervals between 1989 and 2001, and Canada on the semi-regular basis. Lately Holliston offers released several single albums, while departing the possibility open up for potential recordings by Display Business Giants.

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Music Songs I've Got a Crush on Wendy Mesley, Mothra Has Taken Tokyo, Good-Bye, Luftwaffe Girl, Japan Is Turning Into Eric Burdon, Acres of Paper, I'm in Love With a Guy Called Paul, At One With Everything, I Am the Lickspittle of the Animal Kingdom, I Can't Get Russell Johnson Off My Mind, Fun to Work with Chuck, My Slacks, Vampire Hookers, Everything Comes From Here, That Weiport Feeling, My Brother's Kid's A Waste Of Sperm, I've Got Gingivitis, History Aspires To Myth, Drug Days, Typical Babies, Generic Childrens Song A La Yngwe Malmsteen, We Don't Do TV, Maybe It's Just Me, The Other Side of Mr. Sulu, She Called Me Pete, You Can Count The Rings, Fireball X-L5, Story of P, This World Is Too Crowded, Teeny Weeny Man, Wake Up & Roar, Bachelor God, My Hometown, Baldwang Must Die
Albums Let's Have a Talk With the Dead, Self-Aggrandizement Keeps Us Going..., Will There Be Corn, Gold Love, Maybe It's Just Me, I Thought It Was A Fig, Split, Blobs, Volume 2

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