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Brighton, England-based madcap Henry Collins information plunderphonic breakcore beneath the name Shitmat. His rather tasteless moniker is really a riff on content hardcore originator Slipmatt, and his music is certainly a lot more giddy and outrageous, pressing jungle and breakbeat hardcore with their extremes while chucking in examples of pop music, TV theme music, and just about any other type of music. He does not have any issue with endlessly recycling examples or dance music clichés, also going as far as to record whole albums utilizing the same vocal test on every monitor. Collins was among the co-founders of the incorrect Music collective, including similar-minded artists such as for example Ebola, Chevron, and Collins’ previous roommate DJ Scotch Egg. Collins started distributing CD-Rs of his monitors through the early 2000s, and he quickly captured the eye of Jason Forrest and Mike Paradinas. The last mentioned agreed upon him to Globe Mu, and his initial discharge was the Ramones-sampling one “Shopliftin’ Gabba” in 2003. His debut full-length, Killababylonkutz, appeared the following season, and every one of the album’s monitors sampled Baby Cham’s “Babylon Bwoy,” which acquired already turn into a preferred a cappella of several ragga-jungle producers. Another full-length, the absurdist masterpiece Total English Breakfest, appeared later in the entire year. Furthermore to its Compact disc release, it had been released as five different 12″ EPs, each formulated with bonus monitors. Further releases continuing on Globe Mu, in addition to labels such as for example Death$ucker Information and Advertisement Noiseam (a break up EP with tourmates Enduser and Bong-Ra). Collins also released Pur Cosy Stories, an recording of ambient items beneath the name Kyler. Suspend the DJ, originally planned for launch on Sublight, finished up released by Wrong Music in 2006. Grooverider, called in tribute towards the pioneering jungle DJ, made an appearance in 2007, and was accompanied by One Feet within the Rave in ’09 2009. In 2012, Collins required the Shitmat task to its reasonable summary with Mash Strikes, an ambitious starting that discovered him remixing every track to reach the main i’m all over this the U.K. pop singles graph, which have been around for 60 years at that time. He created a huge selection of remixes and mashups more than a nine-month period and published all of them to SoundCloud because they had been finished, although some of them finished up being removed for copyright infringement. Third ,, he retired his moniker, but he resurrected it in 2016, launching Roughneck Rarities and Killababylonkutz 2 on Bandcamp. Then toured with Enduser and Bong-Ra once again in 2017.

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Full Name Shitmat
Music Songs Amen Babylon, Whitelabel Unity, Dubplate Murder Sound, Jackson$ Babylon, Original Babylon, Tuff Babylon, There's No Business Like Propa' Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz, Ace of Base Babylon, Badman Ballad, Rudeboy Babylon, Rougher Babylon, Dubplatter, Theme From the 1988 Morris Dancer Massacre, Illegal Soundz of the Vibe, Dis Dancehall Ting Is Better Than That T.V. Ting Tony, Full Sunken Breakfast, Night of the Scorpion Scumland Riders, On a Ragga Shit, Run Out of Ideas Babylon, Haile Selassie Rules O. K., Nasty Rabbits, Ellesse Warrior, Clash and Carry, UK Swampcore Sucks in Comparison to Techstep New Wave Psy-Jungle, Sniffer Dogs, Front 2 da Back, Shopliftin' Gabba, Big Ben's Big Remix, Fairy Green Liquid, Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic, Hip Shithop, Big Ben's Big Breakdown
Albums Killababylonkutz, Full English Breakfest, One Foot In The Rave, Monsters of Mashup, Grooverider, Full English Breakfest Vol.5, Full English Breakfest Vinyl Tracks

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