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An Australian designer focusing on a pastiche of ambient, hard body, and trip-hop designs, Shinjuku Filth can be an offshoot from the similarly named Shinjuku Thief which produced its American debut with Rubbish, a cooperation with David Thrussel of Smog and Dark Lung. No: Stung adopted in 1999.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Stepping From Routine, An Awful Autumn, Komachi Ruins, Threats and Violence, The Procession of Souls, Waltz of the Midwives, The Fabric of Guilt, A Promise and a Lecture, The Year of Silence, In the Path of Walpurga's Ashes, Prelude - In the Wake of Walpurga's Ashes, The Invisible Architect, The Witch Hunter, Smell of Nightfall, A Swim at Night, Blue Octavo Notebooks, Waking at Dusk, The Second Dream, Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, Burden of Dreams, A Possibility. a Room, Black Rope Hell, Hallucinations, Edge of the Wilderness / Black Cockerel White Stick, Graven Image, Predation, The Darkened Psalm, Sacred Fury, The Assessor, Four Ember Weeks of Ecstatic Sleep, Flight of the Screech Owls, Warm as Blood Beneath the Clods
Albums Bloody Tourist, The Scribbler, The Witch Hammer, The Witch Haven, The Witch Hunter, Zero / Stung, Matte Black, Soft Ash, Hydra, Succulent Blue Sway, Sacred Fury, Black Ice, Junk, Devolution, Medea, Black Frost, Raised by Wolves, Grain, AZ50HD

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