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Shide & Acorn

Perhaps simply no way-obscure early-’70s Uk folk-rock band is really as over-represented about CD mainly because Shide & Acorn, who released just one single album in the first ’70s, which itself was a privately pressed LP distributed to friends. Not merely do that album obtain reissued on Compact disc within the 1990s, but therefore do two additional CDs of previously unreleased rehearsals and studio room recordings, both documented before the LP that do come out. Had been Shide & Acorn worth such documentation? Not necessarily, though these were Okay. They performed light folk-rock that dropped on the even more innocuous British aspect from the genre, with wistful very melodies, an assortment of male and feminine lead and tranquility vocals, plus some rose-colored minstrelsy. Some of their music were good, specifically the even more somber types with female business lead vocals. But more regularly they were simply ordinary, several levels below the whimsical, quite British isles folk-rock pioneered by Donovan in the even more pop end as well as the Amazing String Band in the folkier underground one. Originally known as Foehammer, Shide & Acorn produced in the Isle of Wight, and produced little influence beyond their little circle before breaking up in the first ’70s.

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