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Shenandoah Valley Trio

To begin with, about rings with “Shenandoah” within their name, the Shenandoah Valley Trio shouldn’t be confused with the very much later on country-rock aggregation Shenandoah, nor the ensemble beneath the management of Jim Eanes referred to as the Shenandoah Valley Young boys. Addititionally there is no reference to the Shenandoah Orchestral Outfit or the Shenandoah Cut-Ups. The Shenandoah Valley Trio was a glorified exemplory case of a custom in nation music which started sometime in the ’40s, specifically an opening work in a nation show that’s actually comprised of regular membership attracted from the headlining group. The most frequent types of this practice — which includes also provided a means of fabricating warm-acts for spirit and blues displays aswell — would involve a person performer through the star’s group who gets a 20-minute slot machine in which to execute as lead vocalist. Some nation stars such as for example Cal Smith got their begin in this manner, while a lot of others discovered it a determining experience within their decision to stay a sideman. Expenses Monroe did the complete custom one better, or simply three better will be even more accurate, by developing a vocal trio through the regular membership of his Bluegrass Young boys, but the ensuing ensembles were well-known more than enough to warrant documenting activity independently. The account from the vocal trio was at the mercy of the same type of occasionally rapid turnover because the music group proper, however the most famous edition of the trio featured business lead vocalist Joel Cost, guitarist and baritone Jimmy Martin, as well as the fiddle and tenor vocal of Merle “Crimson” Taylor. This lineup documented for Columbia in the first ’50s, augmenting the essential trio audio with an excellent metal guitarist who however hasn’t been properly discovered, although guesses are that it’s Jimmie Selph from Crimson Foley’s music group. Despite founding-father Monroe’s position in bluegrass, the recordings from the Shenandoah Valley Trio suit snugly within the mainstream nation custom. Monroe’s little girl Melissa Monroe also documented for Columbia for this period, and it appears as though the Shenandoah Valley Trio supplied both instrumental and vocal back-up on these periods aswell. By the first ’60s, business was down in both bluegrass and nation styles, meaning promoters chose the only path to sell seat tickets was to generate package shows. Simply Bill Monroe’s music group plus whatever subdivisions might emerge from that weren’t sufficient; in the brand new style of luxurious spectaculars, 3 or 4 “name” nation or bluegrass works were for the bill, one of these obtaining the traditional warm-up slot machine. Because of this, there was no more a dependence on Monroe to supply such groups, as well as the vocal trio idea dropped by the wayside, and also other casualties like a stand-up comic “mascot” for every music group.

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