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Shadow Gallery is really a progressive rock-band that strains songwriting, creation and performance within their music. Their music are frequently lengthy with instrumental parts in the centre. Darkness Gallery’s music is certainly hard sometimes, gentle at others, offering an interesting range towards the listener. Of the initial associates, Mike Baker (business lead vocals) and Carl Cadden-James (bass, flute) continued to be for the 1992 debut Compact disc Shadow Gallery. These were became a member of by Brendt Allman (business lead electric guitar), Chris Ingles (keyboards) and John Cooney (drums). This debut Compact disc premiered quickly and is known as with the band to become of demonstration quality. Even though production is weakened, the songwriting upon this Compact disc clearly shows creative potential. Darkness Gallery took a massive part of maturity because of its second Compact disc, Carved in Rock. Several lineup changes had been produced, with Kevin Soffera overtaking on drums and flexible Gary Wehrkamp adding extra guitars and keyboards. Carved in Rock, released in 1995, is definitely longer plus much more adult compared to the debut Compact disc. It features spectacular production, much exceeding that of Darkness Gallery, and enhances within the previously high-quality songwriting. The group’s third recording, Tyranny adopted in 1998. In 1998, the band’s third recording, Tyranny, premiered. This is an idea recording about a protection worker who turns into disenchanted along with his work and looks for various other meanings in his lifestyle. The music is quite similar to Carved in Rock, although relatively lighter. Legacy made an appearance in springtime 2001.

Quick Facts

Full Name Shadow Gallery
Music Songs Crystalline Dream, Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember, Deeper Than Life, The Queen of the City of Ice, Cliffhanger 2, Say Goodbye to the Morning, The Dance Of The Fools, Floydian Memories, Stiletto In The Sand, The Archer of Ben Salem, Darktown, Questions at Hand, Society of the Mind, CliffHanger, Roads Of Thunder, First Light, War For Sale, Digital Ghost, Act I: Hope for Us?, Comfort Me, The Final Hour, With Honor, Gold Dust, Mystified, Warcry, Birth of a Daughter, The Andromeda Strain, Lamentia, Act II: Ghost of a Chance, Death of a Mother, The Crusher, Celtic Princess
Albums Digital Ghosts, Room V, Legacy, Tyranny, Carved in Stone, Shadow Gallery, Prime Cuts

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