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Sexteto Mayor

The sextet format that Julio De Caro established for Argentinean tango orchestration in 1924 continues to be reclaimed by Sexteto Mayor. Produced in 1973, in the house of Carlo Gardel, the group is still aimed by bandoneon players and arrangers Jose Libertella and Luiz Stazo. As the basis lineup of bandoneon, twin fiddle, bass, and piano provides remained consistent, several musicians have got added their particular musical methods to Sexteto Mayor’s audio. Founding pianist Juan Mazzadi was changed by Armando Cupo, who subsequently was changed by Oscar Palermo, while primary bassist Omar Murtagh handed his placement to Kicho Diaz and Eduardo Aulicano. Violinists Mario Abromovich and Eduardo Walczak had been preceded by Mauricio Mise, Fernando Suarez Paz, Reynaldo Nichele, and Hugo Baralis. Although contemporary influences are shown in their agreements, Sexteto Mayor stay rooted in the original noises of Argentinean music. While they mainly play in the tango custom, the band carries a amount of waltzes and milongas within their repertoire.

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