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Sexteto Habanero

At the start from the 20th hundred years, three Cuban music artists formed Trio Oriental to execute the folk music that hailed through the west from the island. The trio later on added members, transformed their name to Sexteto Habañero, and became the very first and most important performers of boy, a brilliant Afro-Spanish fusion of musical designs. Son includes two stylistic amounts. The very first level (African in source) is really a rumba tempo over which a number of percussionists improvise. The next level (deriving from Spain) can be provided by a combined mix of three string guitars referred to as tres along with a makeshift bass. Spanish lyrics are sung on the tools in traditional decima type with rhymed octosyllabic lines. Through the 1920s, Sexteto Habañero had been the definitive boy music group of cuba. Their music can be presented on two compilations: Cuban Counterpoint: Background of the San Montuno and Cuba – Un Son Sera la Mas Sublime along with the Origins of Salsa.

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